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Cyber Resilience and Penetration Testing

Protect your organisation from cyber threats with our advanced Cyber Resilience and Penetration Testing Services. Our offerings include enhanced penetration testing, comprehensive corporate cyber threat evaluation and risk management, expert attack surface management, and red-team assessments. We specialise in implementing robust cyber threat mitigation frameworks to enhance your organisation's resilience. Trust our experienced team to proactively identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and secure your digital infrastructure against ever-evolving cyber threats.

Enhanced Penetration Testing (Pen-Testing)

Measure you information systems' and application security

  • ● Black-Box / Grey Box / White-Box Test

  • ● Web Application Testing

  • ● API Testing

  • ● Mobile Application Testing

Corporate Cyber Risk Evaluation and Management

Vulnerability risk evaluations for:

  • ● Critical operating system (Servers)

  • ● Critical network components

  • ● Network host or device

  • ● Wi-Fi network assessment

  • ● End-point protection gap assessment.

Attack Surface Management & Red-Team Assessments

Manage your attack surface by minimising the risk of exposure to your digital assets.

Red-team assessment: test your organisation's detection and response capability.

Cyber Threat Mitigation Framework Implementation

  • ● ISO27001:2017 Audits

  • ● ISO27001:2017 Readiness / Compliance

  • ● CIS Top-X GAP Assessment (Based on V7/V8)

  • ● CIS Top-X GAP Implementation (Based on V7/V8)

  • ● Vulnerability Management Programme

  • ● Specialist Advice to C-Suite Executives