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Forensic Investigation Services

Uncover the truth and safeguard your organisation's integrity with our comprehensive Forensic Investigation Services. Our expert team specialises in fraud, anti-bribery, and corruption investigations, procurement fraud, collusion investigations, and conflict of interest investigations. We conduct thorough fraud risk assessments, evaluate controls, and implement robust mitigation policies to protect your business operations. Our code of conduct assessment and implementation services ensure ethical practices throughout your business and governance framework. Harness the power of enhanced data analytics, to uncover valuable insights and patterns. Trust our experienced investigators to help you navigate complex financial misconduct cases and mitigate risks effectively.

Expert Fraud, Anti-Bribery and Corruption Investigations

Our team of Certified Fraud Examiners (CFE) draw upon a wealth of experience as well as the latest digital OSINT tools to conduct comprehensive FinCrime investigations.

Procurement Fraud and Collusion Investigations

Our experienced team conducts meticulous investigations into procurement fraud and collusion with the goal of identifying irregularities and uncovering fraudulent schemes. Our goal is to ensure fair procurement processes, safeguarding your organisation's resources and reputation.

Conflict of Interest investigations

At Red Cipher, our investigators are adept at investigating conflict of interest while upholding integrity and fairness. Through evidence gathering, interviews, and analysis, we uncover improper influence and compromised decision-making. Additionally, we provide recommendations to mitigate risks, safeguarding your organisation's reputation.

Country Financial Crime Risk Exposure reviews

Understanding country-specific financial crime risks is vital before entering a specific market. At Red Cipher, we offer comprehensive reviews of financial crime risk exposure. Our experts assess regulatory frameworks, corruption risks, money laundering vulnerabilities, and provide actionable recommendations to enhance your organisation's compliance efforts both at home and in new markets.

Fraud Risk Assessments, Control Assessment and Mitigation Policy Framework Implementation

Our team of experts provide tailored solutions for fraud risk assessments, control assessments, and mitigation policy framework implementation by identifying vulnerabilities and areas of exploitation within your organisations operations.

Code of Conduct Assessment and Implementation

A strong code of conduct is essential for an ethical culture. At Red Cipher, we conduct assessments and assist in code of conduct implementation with a focus on alignment with standards, regulation and values to foster integrity and trust within your organisation.

Enhanced Data Analytics

Our team of experts leverage the power of enhanced data analytics to empower your organisation to proactively manage fraud risk typologies. By uncovering anomalies and fraud indicators, we provide actionable insights to protect your organisation.