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OSINT - Next Generation Tool as a Service

Experience the benefits of our next-generation digital solution, which mitigates your risk, enhances your investigations and saves you cost

The latest OSINT analytics engine utilises advanced algorithms to swiftly analyse vast amounts of data from multiple sources, including Social Media Platforms, Blockchain Networks, Cryptocurrency Transactions, and even the Darknet. Uncover hidden connections and gain valuable insights into networks, relationships, and patterns with where only partial information is available.

OSINT as a Service

Focus on risk decision making and not data gathering

Using this service will enable you a cost effective method of investigating and mitigating the effects of Corruption, Bribery and Fraud all while being timely due to automation.

Enhanced Due-Diligence (EDD) for FICA Compliance

Validate the identity of a Politically Exposed Person (PEP), Associates, and Beneficial Ownership quickly and effectively.

Social Links Professional

An all-in-one OSINT solution for conducting in-depth investigations across social media, blockchains, messengers, and the Dark Web. SL Professional is an add-on for Maltego and i2.

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Social Media Vulnerability Scan

We leverage cutting-edge technologies to perform comprehensive threat and vulnerability scans, adept at identifying malicious campaigns targeting your business operations or brands. Our capabilities extend to assessing all major social media platforms, ensuring a thorough examination of potential risks to your digital presence.

Other Use-Cases

Our Technology Partner: Social Links

Social Links is a Global OSINT (Open-source intelligence) tool developer based in the US.

With the ground-breaking AI-powered products, Social Links empowers investigators and security professionals to achieve their objectives every day.

Among Social Links customers are companies from the S&P 500 and law enforcement agencies from 50+ countries around the globe.

Social Links’ OSINT solutions assemble massive volumes of data from open sources including social media, messengers, blockchains, and the Dark Web to analyze and visualize a holistic picture for streamlining data-driven investigations.