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Digital Currency Risk Mitigation

Discover our leading Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency risk mitigation Advisory Services, including certified cryptocurrency investigations, resilient incident response plans for cryptocurrency-related ransomware attacks, targeted awareness campaigns to combat crypto scams, and regulatory compliance gap assessment reviews. Our expert team further provides invaluable assistance with regulatory investigations, support to liquidators, and conducts comprehensive risk controls assessments. Trust us to guide you through the complexities of digital assets and cryptocurrencies with our unrivaled expertise and proven track record.

Digital Assets and Cryptocurrency Investigations

Our team of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators (CCI) will be able to assist in any investigations where cryptocurrency is involved. Our team specialise in the indetification and investigation of Cryptocurrency scams, ranging from Ponzi schemes to Rug Pull scams.

Our team of investigators utilise the latest Blockchain and Darknet investigation techniques and tools throughout their investigations.

Ransomware Attacks - Cyber Resilience Incident Response Plans

We specialise in Ransomware Attack investigations and response plans, where the demand is in Cryptocurrency. Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats. Our team utlise the latest OSINT tool focusing on cryptocurrency and darknet markets.

FinCrime Digital / Crypto Awareness Campaigns

Our awareness campaigns specifically focus on modern-day Cryptocurrency Scams and Typologies to enable you to identify and proactively mitigate threats.

Regulatory Investigations and support to Liquidators

Our team of Certified Cryptocurrency Investigators (CCI) are able to aid in regulatory investiations as well as investigations related to the liquidation of digital assets, particularly in relation to Cryptocurrency Ponzi schemes.

Cryptocurrency Regulatory Gap Assessments

We specialise in providing regulatory gap assessments where your business operations have either a direct or potential nexus with Cryptocurrency risk exposure.